Admiral Yrrek (admyrrek) wrote in chico_peeps,
Admiral Yrrek

Looking for Housemates!

I'm looking for a housemate (male or female) to rent a single room in a nice, fully furnished house about a mile from campus. The house is in a quiet, park-like neighborhood populated by some college students, but mostly families with young children or elderly couples. An ideal place for the serious student.

Amenities include:
-indoor washer and dryer
-kitchen with all usual appliances
-small backyard
-garage space for anything but a large truck or SUV
-storage space
-wireless internet paid by owners
-water, lawn service, home owner's association fees, and garbage paid by owner

Tenent would pay a one-time $400 deposit which would be returned when they leave. Rent is $475/month and tenent would pay the utilities bill divided by number of tenents (ideally this would be 4).

Small caged pets (lizards, frogs, fish, birds, etc.) are acceptable. Indoor cats are subject to additional deposit at home owner's descretion. No dogs (exception may be made for small dogs and then the rules for a cat would apply, but, again, this is at home owner's descretion).

Also, I am looking for an actual roommate (female) to share the master bedroom and bathroom with me. The deposit price remains the same, but the rent for the shared room would be $375. I tend to be a quiet, solitary type who has a tendancy of staying up late (1am-ish). I listen to classical music and country and am a very studious individual.

Leases for summer (June and July) are also available. Deposit and utilities apply, but rent for summer is $225/month

Honors students appriciated, but all are welcome to apply.

Please call me (Kerry) at (951) 533-6530 to inquire.
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